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Supporting Anne are

 Dr Tony Felton 

and David Lyon. 

Both Tony and David have reputable
credentials and expertise in health and social care.

what is each life?

Each Life Ltd provides services to adults, older adults and the frail elderly in the comfort of their own homes.

We operate as a specialised employment agency. This means we find, vet, assess competence and introduce suitable, full-time Live-In Personal Assistants to our clients.

The Personal Assistants work under a contract for services with Each Life and under an agreement in the ways of working with the Client.


The Personal Assistants are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during the period of engagement, except for their agreed break time. The arrangement will last for agreed periods commonly ranging from a few weeks to many years.

About each life 

Founded and owned by its directors, we are not answerable to “faceless” shareholders.

The Board of Directors have a combined experience in excess of 80 years in delivering quality complex community based services to individuals who want to remain independent within the comfort of their own homes.


Our Chief Executive, Anne Thain, started her career as a nurse in 1980 and has spent more than 25 years in senior nursing and executive positions. 

Anne has provided expert knowledge and support to many healthcare organisations  and has pioneered a national service for adults and children requiring complex home-based support following illness, accident or acquired brain injury.

Throughout her career, Anne has combined clinical innovation with commercial acumen to build sustainable services founded on robust governance and risk management.

Anne’s success comes from her passion to develop and empower her clients and staff to reach their full potential. 


Described as “a visionary with a great dose of reality”, Anne’s passion has been the driving force for the creation of Each Life Ltd and the blue print for providing quality services for our clients.​