complex care

& support

Some people have an even greater level of support for instance after an illness, accident or acquired brain injury that has resulted in severe impairment and functioning.

Q - Can Each Life support my complex needs?

A - Yes, we will select and introduce teams of specialist trained Personal Assistants, who, in addition to your personal care and support will:

​​Support your physical & psychological well-being


Working alongside other health and social care professionals such as:

Case Managers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Specialist Neuro-Rehabilitation Teams,

Cognitive Behavioural Teams,

Specialist Nurses and Psychologists.


Some of our clients simply want a housekeeper and companion. 


Q - How will ‘Each Life Support’ work for me?

A - Supported Living and Live-In support works well to assist a wide range of people with a variety of needs such as:


Shopping and meal preparation

Laundry and housework

Going out and supporting social activities

Encouraging hobbies and independence

Helping to look after pets

Keeping your loved ones in the loop​

personal care

& support

​Others may need additional support with more personal needs.


Q - What happens if my needs change?

A - As people’s lifestyles change, so their supported living or Live-In support can be tailored to match. A Personal Assistant can also assist in areas such as:

Washing and dressing

Toileting and continence management

Skin care

Assisting with medicines

Assisting your mobility and exercise

Monitoring your health and well-being

Accessing your GP and other health professionals

from companionship to complex support - we can find the right solution for you

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